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A network of pros for the best problem solving.

In order to obtain a great result you simply can’t work alone, nor with a great experience, beacuse the complexities to face are too big.

CMR Partnership
Management counseling, marketing e researches.
The information system is effective only when it is accurately integrated with the organisation and its working procedures.
The excellence of the single components it’s not enough: they must work well togheter on the field, help people, and, lastly, to be useful to the Company, otherwise the excellence will be nullified.
Techne Consulting
Software and services for accounting and financial fields.
While creating software, aspects like quality and cheapness which are normally antithetical, can be matched if the development model is based on specialization, mainly while operating on a wide distribution as the general accounting use to be. On this market Techné own a firm expertise.
In addition to the accounting field, Techné also specializes in the financial one, on which they have international customers and participate to development of higly tailor-made software solutions.